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The part of the country you choose to live in will have a major impact on your lifestyle. Particularly if you want to stay in your home for a long time, make this decision carefully, considering the factors that are most important to you. Here you can discover the listings, area data, schools and amenities for each area!

About Lina Vines

Hard worker, positive, easy going, patient, detailed,’ that’s most of her friends describe about her. Julie is a Licensed Texas Real Estate Top Producer & Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist in Dallas Fort Worth Metropolis.She is ranked Top 40 among 2700 company agents.

With bilingual and many years business experience, Julie knows how to be patient to listen to the client; how to operate professionally to meet client’s needs,and how to work efficiently to complete the task.Whether you are selling your property, buying a dream home, or trying to invest in Dallas Fort-Worth real estate, she will guide you through the process step by step.

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无论您是在寻找新家还是旧屋置换,无论您是想投资房产还是出租管理,投资商业还是购买土地,我们都会用专业的知识,一流的服务,及精准的数据,在最短的时间内达成您的目标愿望。 欢迎加微信咨询德州房地产的任何事宜,祝您生活美满,笑口常开!